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PsychSol began as a dream early in Dr Rawat’s career, during her studying and training years and was established by her formally in 2008. PsychSol was established to provide effective and ground breaking psychological treatment and intervention, for the community locally and internationally via all forms of media, face-to-face, distance, individual and group intervention on an in-patient and/or out patient basis. As a result, Psychsol’s main focus is to provide rehabilitation as well as preventative and frontline treatment programs to individuals, groups and companies.

The establishment of PsychSol afforded Dr. Rawat the means to meet several specific personal goals, including the life long desire to establish a rehabilitation centre that meets the needs of adults, adolescents and children who experience problems with Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders and other addictions. The need for such a service arose from a recognized need in the community where Dr Rawat is actively involved in specialized psychiatric and mental health care service provision, institutions and facilities.

Drawing on her professional experience and expertise, the resources at our disposal, and the expertise of others via relevant psychological and psychiatric research and training, Dr Rawat strives to provide her patients with the best possible psychological care promptly, and with attention to detail, intensive support and access to the latest in ground breaking psychological and psychiatric tools, assessments and equipment.

Her primary focus is on clinical psychological treatments on an outpatient and inpatient basis. There is much overlap between clinical psychology and psychiatry as both treat a range of patients suffering from mild psychological discomfort to severe psychiatric conditions. The main difference being that PsychSol’s treatment protocol includes many different forms of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and nutritional therapy with protocols based on ground-breaking and up-to-date research from leading universities and professionals alike.

Dr. Rawat is an established member of the psychological community and has established a successful private practice which has provided her with invaluable insight into the development and management of an effective mental health care facility. Dr Rawat’s psychological and psychiatric experience and training, her post qualification training in community psychology, years of research and her registration with the HPCSA (Health Science Professional Council of South Africa) makes her an asset and leading contributor Psychsol. However, it is her love for her profession and the genuine care, compassion and concern for the health and well being of her patients which affords her the opportunity to establish Psychsol as a premier rehabilitation and mental health care facility.